About Review Scores

I'm really torn about review scores. On one hand, I think they are really useful for discerning someone's general opinion of something quickly. On the other hand, if you just look at the score, you have no idea why it was scored that way.

If a score is low, it might be because of technical problems. It might be (and it always is to some degree) because of personal biases and preferences. It might be because of expectations that weren't met, or promises that were broken. It's really hard to know why something is good or bad based on a score, and I do think the why is important; reviews are opinions, after all.

I personally score works mostly on how they made me feel, because in the end, that's what I think art is all about. That's what I'm looking for.
I appreciate stories that make me laugh, make me cry, make me care. I appreciate technical talent as well, of course, but I think I'm not qualified enough to talk about most of it efficiently. I point out what I think works and what I think doesn't, and try my best to back up my opinions, but I don't pretend to be an expert.

I usually know the score I'm about to give before I start writing the review, and most of it has to do with the impression I was left with after I was done playing/watching/reading/etc. I try to be concise, which is why I don't talk about all aspects of the works I review, but I understand that for some it still isn't concise enough. If you would like to know my opinions, and my reasons for the scores I have given, I would recommend reading the reviews in their entirety, but I know not all people will. On that note, here are the explanations for each number in my 5-point scoring system (I know, not many people will read this, either).

Something that really resonated with me, and will probably be among my all time favorites. Probably has flaws, everything does, but they were either minor or easily avoidable/dismissable. Would definitely recommend.


Something I will look back on fondly, and can't find many flaws in. A cut above the rest. Would recommend.


Something I had a fun time with. Had some flaws that impeded my enjoyment. Would recommend with some caveats.

Not So Good

Something average, bordering on poor. Didn't grab me, had flaws, and would only recommend with huge caveats.


Something poor. Didn't grab me at all, had huge flaws, and would not recommend at all.

Jay Marksman, March 08, 2019

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