Jay Marksman (That's not his real name, by the way. Shh, don't tell anyone!)
is a game developer, artist and writer from Helsinki, Finland.

Interested in various storytelling mediums — including, but not limited to games, movies, TV shows, books and comics — Jay talks with talented people about their creative processes, their relationship to different kinds of stories, art, and whatever they want to talk about, really.

If you're interested in being on the show, get in touch! I'm always interested in talking with other creative people :)

"I listen to (and watch) a lot of podcasts, interviews, panel discussions and talks, analysis videos and essays. I always have a lot to say about the things that are being discussed on these shows, but there's always one problem: I'm not on these shows — so I decided to start my own.

I love so many creative things it's hard to keep count sometimes. To give you an idea, my current projects that I'm either actively working on, or have started and would like to finish someday, include four videogames (and probably full soundtracks for most of them), two novels and a dozen or so short stories, a small Android app, a board game or two, and this podcast. I probably forgot something, too, and this
obviously doesn't include projects that I haven't even thought of yet.

I have finished* projects, too, so it's not like I jump around and never get anything done. I'm really just passionate about a lot of different things, and I want to do so much that it's difficult to pick just one thing. Or rather, I don't want to.

Enter, Cave Paintings and Campfires. On the show I can talk about all of these things and more, with people who are as passionate about them as I am, and on top of that, are often doing those things for a living."

* yanneyanen.com has some of my game projects. You can buy my first novel here. I also have a full-time job as an artist in a game company (not much choice not to finish my assignments there). And of course, I have finished episodes of the podcast :)

@yanneyanen  |  yanneyanen.com  |  jaymarksman.com