Episode 1 - ???

Coming soon.

In this first episode, Jay talks with an amazing guest about their relationship to creativity, art and story. This could be you!

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Episode 0 - What is Cave Paintings and Campfires?

Coming very soon.

In this introductory episode, Jay explains a little bit about himself, what Cave Paintings and Campfires is all about, and why he wanted to start this show. He talks about creativity and storytelling and his relationship to both of these topics. He discusses videogames, how games and other stories don't necessarily need to be fun, and the importance of knowing your storytelling medium, and leveraging its strengths instead of mimicking other media.
Jay also talks about future topics for the show, the types of possible podcasts guests going forward, and how each of us is a natural storyteller.

Also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Youtube

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